LeoVegas Casino. The Best Offer of Free Games for UK

In this review:

The technical progress is developing rapidly, that’s for sure. So, due to such progress, playing with casinos online remains the most popular and loved type of entertainment. We are even ready to present you the whole listing of the advantages of playing online casino gaming. One of those advantages is how gamblers enjoy spending their free time in a pleasant and comfy atmosphere, how they enjoy having fun playing here and how they get large winnings along the way.

Of course, every gambler, whether he/she is a newbie or a regular visitor of such portals, wants to navigate through the offers with confidence. As in, anyone would like to be aware of what is offered by an online casino Leo Vegas and what developers are in charge of creating exciting and fun-filled free games. The main aim of the platform is to create a comfy and cozy environment for every single visitor in UK.

So, let’s get acquainted with the main topic of our review better. Why was it named as LeoVegas? Let’s think. If to remember latin, we will find out that Leo stand for ENG “lion”, which is a king. If to remember what city counts as a city of gambling dreams, we will think about Las Vegas, right? Making a logical conclusion, it is worthwhile to say that Leo Vegas is a royal casino that provides its gamers with the world-class diapason of various games for any device.

LeoVegas International Itd is the one who own this platform and it is also has a registration in Malta. Lots of players wonder before joining a platform if it is permitted to conduct gambling on the Web officially or not. Luckily, this one is absolutely legal, as it managed to obtain the Government of Curacao’s license.

Also, there is one more thing that people often wonder about. What software is used to provide the gaming? Here, such software developers worked:

  • DC (development corporation) Net Ent
  • DC Microgaming
  • DC NYX Interactive
  • DC Viaden Gaming
  • DC Nextgen
  • DC Sheriff Gaming
  • DC Cryptologic
  • DC Betsoft Gaming
  • DCPlay’n’Go.

So, let’s make a short overview of the Leo Vegas Casino at first? Scroll down!

A Short Overview

The site has an original and good-looking design. If you go to the main window, you will definitely notice how many diverse sections are shown. In those sections, you can find out the answers, if you have any questions or misunderstandings. Also, you can find info on the company itself, just login! You will be able to see the listing of games of various types, the listing of bonuses, promos and much more.

Every gambler at least once in life wondered if a casino has a site version of his/her mother tongue. There are several languages available, but English remains to be the most popular one. So, if it is not the first time you are looking for a nice place to play, you know that you will need at least the lowest level of English knowledge. This should not be a huge problem. But if you do not know English, maybe you know Deutsch or Finnish. If no, there are also versions of Swedish and Norwegian.

If you are wondering if there is a necessity to download any additional software, we are here to please you. You do not need to download anything. All you have to do is to go on the official site and start the registration process. But if you still hesitate if it is worth it, there is a demo version, where you are not required to have a profile.

Signing Up

The casino has the software on the offer that they received from a couple of famous development corporations. As we already said, you do not have to download anything additionally to start tasting this software. All you need is your old basic browser.

When you go to site, you will a window which “tells” that you can either sign in or sign up. Choose the option to sign up. When a new window opens, you will be required to fill out a form. We promise, it will not take much time. The form requires you to provide the platform with your address of email, login and password and the number of your phone.

Be careful, there is a listing of countries where gambling on the Web is officially forbidden. So, if your residence is the United States, Cyprus or Curacao, you will not be able to play here. Though, this info can vary, so it is better to go the www.leovegas.com and check this information as well.


When you go to the home page, it would be quite hard not to notice the original style of the casino’s design. This originality lies in an unusual and good-looking scheme of colors of interface. The designers used warm shades, such as yellow, orange and pastel tones. They all are pleasant for the visitors’ eyes.

Additionally, it creates the impression in your home that reflects an atmosphere of cozy home and comfort. Also, the design was made that way that allows players to easily navigate through the website. The windows are bright and easily structured, so it would be really hard to get lost. All types of gaming, including slot machines, are shown in separate tabs that you can open with no problems.

By the way, the logo of Leo Vegas is shown in the form of a lion. That easily explains the casino’s name, is not it? As we know, lions are symbols of kingdoms and power. If to think deeper, the casino wanted their customers to understand that the level of services correspond to the level of kings. Actually, they did not lie. The level is really high.

Mobile Version

It is not always convenient to walk with your laptop everywhere, which is why the developers also created a mobile version of the casino LeoVegas. To be honest, this idea is a must for each online casino, because mobile versions are always in demand among the gamers in Liverpool and all over the world.

By the way, there are two ways how you can play with your phone or tablet. You can either play directly from the browser or install an app from Play Market (Android) or App Store (iOS). It can be installed as an application for smartphones running on Android.

The LeoVegas mobile version obtained a couple of upscale awards that officially indicata it as the product of the highest quality.


Presently, the world of casino gambling is modern and can provide even the pickiest players with bright and exciting game options. Today, slot machines are real money bringers and give an opportunity to win millions. If in the past, those machines were just simple primitive inventions, now they are made and designed with the latest graphic arts and highly accurate sound effects.

In Leo Vegas, it is possible to play with the raucous characters, such as Superman, Batman, Lara Croft or others. Place yourself in the world of possibilities. If to talk about genres available, we can mention roulette, baccarat, blackjack which are all parts and parcels of board games. Most gamblers trust LeoVegas because it uses software from the leading developers, such as Nextgen Gaming, Evolution Gaming Company, Betsoft Gaming Corporation, Viaden Gaming Portal, NYX Interactive and others. We are sorry, but the listing is long, and we cannot name them all.

For some reason, video slots are the main category when it comes to the selection of the most popular category is video slots. The platform has more than 200 items to select from. The real card games connoisseurs will be happy about the presence of many variations of blackjack, options of poker and baccarat. The presence of classic roulette versions is also a plus. Those who are fans of original entertainment are provided with arcades, with scratch cards and other simulators. For those who are connoisseurs of games of real time mode, a live casino of LeoVegas is a must. The whole process of the game is manager by a real dealer and is not a record. Everything happens in a real time. Let’s login!

There are also gamers who prefer playing other types of games. For this, go to the official LeoVegas’ site and check what they prepared for you. The diapason of available gaming is really extensive and diverse. Go on pick the most suitable gambling items for you.

Bonuses, Gifts and Promotions

Each players desires to find not only a nice play to play, but also a place that can offer beneficial bonuses, gifts and promotions. This virtual gambling club aims to motivate its visitors to continue the gaming process. It is clear, because the more users are there, the more popular the service becomes. So, to encourage visitors to stay, there are special bonuses programs that people cannot resist.

Before taking the offer from the casino, you should get acquainted with the details of a chosen bonus and pay attention to its characteristics and wagering requirements as well. Once you activated chosen bonuses, you should use it during 10 days of playing. Additionally to the bonuses, the organization also can offer varied promotions with which you can familiarize on the official website. So, let’s talk about what presents LeoVegas can make.

The gift program consists of bonuses that can be given for making the first 4 deposits. The scheme of getting those welcome bonuses is described below:

  • The first deposit gives 200% bonus which can be no more than €50
  • The second deposit gives 50% bonus which can be no more than €150
  • The third deposit gives 50% bonus which can be no more than €200
  • The fourth deposit gives 25% bonus which can be no more than €250

Also, there may be such bonuses as:

  • no deposit bonus after signing up process
  • 20 free spins or 50 free spins (the quantity may vary)
  • the other types

If you have got a bonus code or any promo codes, you can enter it and get additional prizes. Though, we want to give you one recommendation and ask you to pay attention to it. Before agreeing on any bonus program, go the official site leo.vegas.com and check the section “Promotions”, where there is a section, dedicated to bonus programs, because all those programs can vary seasonally or by the administration’s decisions. Check this information as well, because even stable welcome bonuses can differ any time.

Jackpots for Kings

LeoVegas provides the players with progressive jackpots that they can win playing in popular slots. Here is a listing of the most popular games that include a possibility to take a great win in the form of a large jackpot:

  • Game Genie Jackpots
  • Game Wild Nords
  • Game Reel Heist
  • Game Mega Moolah
  • The others

You can also get jackpot in games of other types, such video poker, ordinary poker and others.

Customer Support and Safety Measures

Numerous gamblers join the LeoVegas club day by day due to the king level of security. All people, with no exception, want to be protected whatever they do, including practicing gambling activity.

LeoVegas is a legal company and a favorite site for lots of visitors. The owners of the portal do their best to keep it that way. The first thing you should know is how the casino protects your data. Once you upload any of your documents and leave confidential information, those docs get encrypted with the SSL-protocol which prevents unwanted attacks of Internet frauds and keep your data safe.

Also, there are some safety measures that the administration can take if they notice suspicious actions. They can set limits for time playing and financial limits. They can also block accounts if it is a needed measure (for a while or forever). Take our advice and play with mind to not get blocked.

Now we are going to talk about the other moment, as in about customer support. Sometimes it happens when any site can fail because of overloaded services or any other factors. For this, there is a customer support, where each player can get help. How can you get help? There are four options:

  • you can contact the service for customers via email (find the address on the official website)
  • getting in touch is possible by mobile number (which is also displayed on the site)
  • live chat is a wonderful opportunity to get quick support
  • there is also FAQ section, where you can find the answers yourself

Banking Methods and Payment Process

The selection of available banking methods must never be underrated, because sometimes it becomes the reason of why more or less new customers come. Fortunately, Leo Vegas Casino can support the most commonly used methods to pay.

As this portal for practicing gambling online is made for players for Europe in its majority, we can see the listing of available currencies that are the most commonly used among European gamblers.

When making a deposit or a withdrawal, you can use currencies, such as Euro (€), British Pound Sterling (£), Swedish krona (SEK). If those currencies do not suit the currency of your country, you can replenish your account’s balance in your country’s currency, but do not forget to take into account the fees for converting money. Money of all players is safely kept in a trustworthy Swedish bank.

Also, there are some restrictions on withdrawing that you should know about. You cannot withdraw more than €4000 per day, €5000 per week and €20000 per month. For example, if a player managed to win around €100000, the administration of LeoVegas has a right to pay a player €10000 per month. Though, if your winning is a jackpot, it comes in full. The rule does not apply to such kind of winnings.

To make a deposit or a withdrawal and to make any other monetary transaction, you can use next payment methods:

  • PM (Payment method) InstaDebit
  • PM Visa
  • PM MasterCard
  • PM Paysafecard
  • PM Neteller
  • PM Skrill (earlier known as PM Moneybookers)
  • the other payment methods (go to the official site to get an accurate information)


As our review of Las Vegas comes to the final point, we are ready to conclude and say if this on is worth your attention. The casino is well-known. It is popular and famous among customers of different countries. But is it really fair to have such rates? Definitely, yes. One of the main advantages of Casino Leo Vegas is its legal activity, because playing in casinos is venturous enough itself and everybody wants to be protected. Also, this portal can be proud of offering attention-worthy gaming that it got from the leading development corporations.

Another plus of staying here is the fact that it is free for everyone and available to play directly from the browser’s window without necessity to install additional software. If to talk about the disadvantages of this platform, we can mention the lack of some needed currencies and languages, but if a person understands at least English a little and is ready to pay commissions for funds conversion, there would be no problems appearing on the way.

In case you are still wondering if casino Leo Vegas is worth your time, we are ready to dispel your doubts. If you are looking for a casino with bright graphic arts, pleasant atmosphere, high level of security and keeping your personal info encrypted, profitable bonuses and promotions, a wide diapason of games, some of which include a possibility win jackpots, quick support service and an ability to simply have fun, you have come to the right place. Bingo! There are so many advantages from using this platform, are not there?

We offer you to go to leovegas.com, check all the information carefully and if everything is okay, sign up and login. That is all for now. We hope that this review on Leo Vegas casino was helpful and came in handy. All we can do now is to wish you great wins and interesting time spending. Welcome to world of gambling! Good luck!

Prepared by gamer Sebastian Mcculloch